Antique Kitchenware Items for Sale in Molino, FL

ppu or AB 1/26
PPU only off Avalon in Milton.
Good condition. Great for displaying spoons for various locations. I love that it's shaped like the United States.
This is an antique (1930-1939 era) H & C (crown), Selb, Bavaria, in very good condition. It light weight and delicate. These were hand painted china dishes and edged in gold. The dimensions are approx. : 12 L x 7 W x 3.5 . It has some wear but no cracks or chipping. It was appraised at a value of approx. $75.
Don t what this for except that my mother-in-law s sister brought this to her abt 40 years ago as a souvenir. It is in like new condition. It s pretty, very smooth and transparent. See second photo.

Dishes set

Antique dish set
This pair of Shawnee cow salt and pepper shakers are 3 tall. They have some paint loss & do not have stoppers but are still nice collectibles. PU in Warrington (off of Fairfield & Gulf Beach Highway)
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