Items Wanted in Molino, FL

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14-Dec-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Diabetic in need of a properly working refrigerator to store insulin. Current fridge just stopped working and is so old it is not worth repairing. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
8-Dec-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Worst time of yearfor this to happen,butjust got a place for my daughter and me. We are in need of twin bed and frame,2 dressers,full or bigger size bed and frame, sofa,coffee table,washer,dryer, any kitchen stuff,any bathroom stuff,and anything to help keep the yard up
6-Dec-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
I can make some repairs myself, though I would like to start out with one that can be pulled without falling apart. One that can be pulled by an older V6 Dodge minivan, (preferably at least 10' feet long). Any type could possibly work for me though. flatbed, covered, camper, any type could possibly be used. Thank you for your time
3-Dec-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
I am looking for some adult board games to play with my boyfriend. Wanting scrabble or backgammon or any others that might be fun.
2-Dec-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Family just moved and needs a twin size bed for 5 year old any dishes or curtains any bathroom shower curtain old box TV's you aren't using anything basically for a house.
21-Nov-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Neighbors dogs killed all but 1 of my ducks. She's a very lonely little brown hen and either needs a friend or a new home with other ducks. If you have a duck I can have or can give mine a home please contact me. Bob
14-Nov-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Looking for a kid-sized, pull along wagon. Any condition is fine as long as it can be cleaned up/still rolls! Thanks!
2-Nov-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
ISO King Metal or wood bed frame or pieces of decent buildable quality board type lumber with which to build a frame from. Let me know if you have something like this! Thanks!
31-Oct-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Not asking or looking for anything fancy by no means. Just something that washes and dries adequately
30-Oct-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Family with five children and diabetic husband trying to build up the farm for self-sufficiency and healthier food. Free-range chickens and ducks are eating any garden we make, including planters we try to keep on the porch. Looking for old windows no longer needed to use for building a greenhouse. Also looking for old tubs or sinks. The tubs can be used as troughs for the pigs, and the sinks w...
17-Oct-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
Hi, we are a yong family of four wishing for a tent and or any other type of camping gear! It would be much appreciated and a blessing of someone had some to give. Thank you and God bless
27-Sep-2017 Cantonment, FL (8 miles) Items Wanted
we will be moving in a few weeks. Any one have any decent moving boxes from their recent move?
6-Aug-2017 Pensacola, FL (20 miles) Items Wanted
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